Historic Regional War for future of Middle East Now Looms!

8 09 2014


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Make no mistake about it…Israel is coordinating with the US, UK and France, as well as with regional powers Egypt, Saudi and  Jordan, for a historic regional war to determine nothing less than the future of the Middle East.  Nearly a hundred years after Sykes-Picot and the Paris “Peace to end all Peace”, Israel, through it’s dominating influence in Washington, is really the regional power behind-the-scenes now.

This is the context as well in which Israel is vigorously making plans for “a very violent war” against Hezbollah in Lebanon to be launched at the same time the US and Western powers will be escalating the destruction of the Islamic State and then regime change in Damascus by one means or another.

The wild cards in this historical drama are Iran and Russia.

The U.S. believes Russia is so preoccupied with Ukraine and Europe, and so isolated internationally,  that it will not in the end counter what they have planned for the Middle East.

The U.S. also believes it can keep Iran so weak and isolated that it too will not forcefully intervene for fear that doing so will provide the excuse for the US/Israel/Saudi alliance to expand the regional war to Iran.

This is an exceedingly dangerous moment for the entire world.   Miscalculations, plots, mistakes, fears, all interact and combine to threaten world conflagration.  And even if that is avoided, a new European cold war, millions more deaths in proxy wars, and the gross mis-allocation of resources and energies being foisted on our world.