WAR! Unending and Perpetual!

12 09 2014


The American President, Sec State, and all the Administration officials on TV and in print insist what is now happening — dramatized Wednesday evening by Obama’s White House Prime Time Address — is not “WAR”.   And yet in recent months it is the Obama Administration that has clearly championed Cold War II on top of a vastly expanding Middle East war pitting US-allies against US-enemies that is now likely to go on for years if not decades…and could even conceivably mushroom into World War III.

Former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden even went on BBC America yesterday,  9/11 2014, to say yes of course the President’s speech depicts “WAR” and he should have been candid and honest with the American people about what is happening.

The big guns are out now — Henry Kissinger, John McCain, Dick Cheney and the whole cabal of Neo-con and “liberal interventionist” writers and p.r. agents — not only endorsing what the Obama Administration is doing but fanning the War embers demanding a much greater military assault on America’s enemies in the Middle East as well much greater economic war and military build-up against Russia (and China though less often articulated).

After years of preparing and pushing the Neo-cons have now succeeded in getting Obama to be their front-man for their long-term policies.   If and when they get their own guy again in the White House, ala Bush/Cheney, even greater risks of World War will be pursued.  This is of course why the Russians and Chinese are racing to build up their own military forces, with the Iranians quite understandably doing so in the critical Middle East region knowing  they are the biggest of the Neo-con/Zionist targets.