Obama twists and lies about Iraq/Syria/IS

13 09 2014


There are so many twists, distortion, lies, and misrepresentations from the Obama Administration.  They have made it a kind of political art form.   Here’s the latest…and it’s a whopper with tremendous remafications…

A few days ago senior NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel, reporting live from Kurdistan in northern Iraq, clearly and courageously said U.S. troops are on the ground in Iraq and avoiding reporters.

“I know there are already American boots on the ground where I am now…  They are not necessarily firing their rifles or kicking down doors, and we’re not going on embeds with these troops.

“They are troops who are staying away from reporters, they are embedded with local fighters trying to guide in air strikes, gathering intelligence — the kind of thing you would have thought the Green Berets would have done many years ago, and which are now being done by Navy SEALS and Delta Force and other Special Operations Forces.

“Can you conduct a secret war like this, a war by remote control to dislodge ISIS, to dislodge this terrorist group, this militant murderous group from large parts of Iraq and large parts of Syria? We will see. It is an open question.”     (This from CNS news)