After Scottish Independence…Quebec? Puerto Rico? Catalonia? Kurdistan? Texas?

15 09 2014

This week the Scots vote on independence after some 300 years of union with the “United Kingdom”.

YES may prevail.  Or NO might squeak through after considerable maneuvering by London and  Brussels/EU.

Either way the idea of more local and accountable sovereign governance is taking hold in many locations due to the great failures and rampant corruption of centralized government in so many countries.

So what’s next?  Catalonia independence from Spain?   Quebec independence from Canada?  Puerto Rican or Texas independence from the USA?   Eastern Ukraine separating from Kiev?   Iraq divided into three?  Even Tibet from China (however unlikely that seems in today’s world)?   Remember now, the unexpected breakup of the Soviet Union just 23 years ago was a manifestation of this same overall phenomena and our “modern”  world is changing and periodically chaotic in so many ways.