16 09 2014

The real Obama policy now in Iraq/Syria is to bring down the independent Baath regime in Damascus just as Bush/Cheney brought down the independent Baath regime in Baghdad.

The rhetoric and methodology are different, the end goals the same.  The Democratic Party and American liberals tend to be far more hypocritical and stealthy when it comes to foreign policy, masking their real goals so as not to alienate their so-called base and so they can keep pretending they are true to their own professed values.

Regime change in Damascus is also the major Saudi policy which is why Riyadh in recent years armed and funded the radical groups that have now come together to form the Islamic State.  But the Saudis have now been forced by the U.S. to turn on IS in favor of more kosher US-approved rebel forces.  Indeed it is the Saudis who will in fact be paying for the U.S. training and arming of a new Middle East army — first phase 5000+ professional fighters this year.   And if and when the putsch in Damascus finally succeeds then Lebanon (Hezbollah) and then the Iran regime will be the targets…quite possibly by a more fully neo-Bush regime in the White House.

A few days ago Obama told a group of foreign policy experts he gathered at the White House that he would wipe out Syrian air defenses  if Damascus tried to hit American planes supposedly attacking just IS forces in Syria.  Such a move Obama then clearly said would lead to Assad’s overthrow.

Though supposedly off-the-record Obama knew very well what he said would leak out…thus further preparing the way in fact for what is to come.