17 09 2014

“Obama has been totally out-maneuvered by both the Neocons and the Zionists.”

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Just a long year ago the CIA and Saudis were arming and financing groups that now are called “Islamic State” (aka ISIS and ISIL).  The goal then was a growing desperation to finally bring down the Syrian Baath Damascus regime following successful regime destructions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and beyond including Kiev.

The Benghazi affair that resulted in the killing of the American Ambassador was in fact a still-highly-classified CIA black op to transfer captured Libyan weapons to anti-Damascus Islamic fighters… at the time with the secret help of Qatar, Turkey, and the Saudis.

Having failed to bring down Assad and his still-entrenched government Damascus, as had been done with Saddam in Baghdad, something new had to be cooked up.   Now, just a year after the bombing was to start against the government forces in Syria, the excuse of attacking the Islamic forces is the excuse to in the end take down the Baath regime in Syria, then Hezbollah, then Iran.   That’s why great efforts now are being expended to not only further arm and train the American-sponsored army in Baghdad, but the Kurd forces, and the “moderate” rebels in Syria now being trained in both Jordan and Saudi.   Plus at the same time more advanced arms and CIA help are being provided to further build up military capabilities of Saudis, UAE, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and beyond.  Plus as well the major US military bases in Bahrain and Qatar.

The American President who came to office pledging to end the Middle East wars and earn his Nobel Prize has become the Neocon-facilitator President setting the entire region on fire with multiple splits and divisions for years to come…and in the process locking the next President in as well.

Oh yes, the Israeli angle to this as suggested in the graphic…     Nothing major like this happens in Washington unless the Israeli Lobby is behind it and certainly not opposed to it.    To put it in one sentence: Obama has been totally out-maneuvered by both the Neocons and the Zionists.