“A decade of war is now ending” – TROJAN OBAMA

21 09 2014

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“A decade of war is now ending”.   So President Barack Hussein Obama told Americans and the World in his second Inaugural Address just a few long years ago.  But with his White House end now in sight, Obama may go down in history as a kind of Trojan Horse President for the Neo-cons, the Zionists, and the militarists, though he will no doubt try to insist in his memoirs that it was he who held them back.

For this is the Obama who has sent drone killing machines far and wide to many countries, even ordering the killing of American citizens and their family members and friends.

This is the same Obama whose administration orchestrated the Kiev coup and ever-escalating NATO threats against Russia, thus bringing on Cold War II.

This is the same Obama who has prosecuted more principled whistle-blowers than all other President combined, spied on more Americans more covertly and comprehensively than all past President’s combined, and greatly restricted press freedoms and methods along the way.

This is the same Obama who has armed Israel with super weapons more than any President before and refused to stop Israeli settlement expansion making his verbally-proclaimed “Two-State Solution” both impossible and meaningless “on the ground” where it counts.

This is the same Obama who has unleashed the American war machine once again in Iraq, including so far 1600+  troops (now called advisers) and thousands more contractors and CIA operatives.

This is the same Obama who has maneuvered to keep US forces and bases permanently in Afghanistan.

This is the same Obama who is leading the charge to build a mercenary army in Syria with designs on Lebanon and Iran, all already subjected to major forms of economic warfare.

This is the same Obama who, calling it a “pivot”, is escalating military forces and bases in the Pacific to “contain” China, already provoking an understandable Chinese political and military response with confrontation times ahead.

And this is the same Obama who has preached about the great dangers of climate change but actually done very little about it, even refusing in recent days to join the UN’s minimal efforts.

Americans “still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war” Obama also proclaimed in his second inaugural.    Just another in a long line of rhetorical flourishes not matched by a long shot by actual long-term policies.