2 10 2014

When the top U.N. official warns Ebola could soon go airborne and spread worldwide out of control we should all begin to panic.  The highly conservative and bureaucratic U.N. doesn’t do such things unless there is a serious and imminent danger.  Go to WASHREPORT.COM for details

As usual the Americans are  totally misallocating resources.  The U.S. even now is only spending  millions monthly on eradicating Ebola but billions on bombing the Middle East!

The real dangers to Americans and the world have never been “terrorists”…themselves the result of U.S. policies and in most cases the groups even initially nurtured and armed by the U.S. and allies before the blowback consequences.

The real dangers to Americans are hospital-induced infections, possible pandemic killer diseases, environmental pollution, highway deaths, poverty-related issues, and more and more overall climate warming.   But using fear of “terrorism” the neocons and the military-industrial complex folks are continuing to get their way and lining their pockets…Barack Obama now their lier-and-facilitator-in-chief.