CAIRO GAZA Conference Travesty!

11 10 2014

US Sec State Kerry is heading back to the Middle East — this time to Cairo where donors are being asked to give $4+ billion to rebuild Israeli/US destroyed Gaza.   Of course it’s terrible what has happened to Gaza…but the responsibility  is nearly totally that of Israel and the U.S. and they are the ones who should pay up, no one else.

This conference is a travesty for many reasons.

First of all the US and Israel should be paying, not the rest of the world.  Instead Israel is paying nothing after having quite literally destroyed much of Gaza, killed 2200+, injured more than 10,000+, and left nearly half of the population destitute and homeless.   While giving Israel billions and more in advanced weapons  and blocking all U.N. attempts to reign in Israel, the US has contributed only  about $100 million in the past year to Gaza Palestinians.

Second the corrupt PA is once again trying to get it hands on the “reconstruction money” pushing out Hamas and others so the corrupt Palestinian VIPs can line their own and crony friends pockets as they have done before — “Builders for Peace”  an example of the huge corruption scandals after the Oslo agreement facilitated by the notorious Jim Zogby at that time.

Third the conference is taking place in Junta Egypt, rather than in Gaza or even Ramallah where it should be held.  Junta General Sisi in fact closely collaborated with Natanyahu in the sealing off and destruction of Gaza.