Protecting the Jews and the Zionists among Us – the case of Robert Parry

18 10 2014

Even those Washington journalists who take such pride in being honest and independent and principled, often fail when it comes to Israel, Jews, and Zionism.   However much they claim otherwise, they too all-too-often drink the politically/culturally spiked Washington kool-aide even if unknowingly.

Take Robert Parry for example — exceedingly hard-working and knowledgeable publisher of Consortium News with a serious and impressive background.  He’s just written another hard-hitting article about the Neocons with many important and excellent insights.   But he wrote the whole piece without even mentioning that the Neocons are for the most part Jewish with long-time personal ties to the right-wing political-military establishment in Israel, and that the Neocon ideology itself and what it advocates for America overlaps considerably with Zionist ideology and what is advocated by Israel.

That’s right.  In a major lengthy article about the neocons and their critical role and influence in Washington not even a single mention of Israel, Jews, or Zionism!

How to explain?  I can’t say I know the answer, I’ve only spent one long afternoon with Parry personally at his home in Arlington, and that was some years ago.   But pardon me for thinking that Parry has made these critical omissions not because he isn’t aware but because those he looks to for support and funds don’t want him to be messing too deeply in the Jewish/Israeli waters other than with conventional “liberal” occasional disconnected comments.   But then he probably, no doubt, has some other explanation…or might that be excuse.

The complete Parry Neocon article is featured on top today at and MiddleEast.Org