Top Saudi in DC Declares WAR, WAR, WAR

3 11 2014

“He sounded like a real Neo-con this time” I said.   One of the sponsoring organization interns chimed in: “He sounded like John McCain!” bettering me!

Last week one of the top Saudis, Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, former U.S. Ambassador as well as head of Intelligence back home, gave a WAR speech in Washington demanding that the Americans immediately set up a No-Fly Zone in Syria and bring down the Assad regime in Damascus.   Yes he also wanted what is now known as the Islamic State destroyed…though no mention of how his country was largely responsible for its creation!

Prince Turki gave the keynote lunch address for the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR) holding its yearly conference at The Reagan Center — a kind of p.r. organization sponsored by his country, Qatar, and the GCC.

His speech was preceded a few hours earlier by the conference keynoter, former Ambassador and top U.S. personality when it comes to Arab and Middle East affairs, Chas Freeman.   Though using guarded language Freeman’s message was quite different.   He said we could lose the war with the Islamic State and he wished Obama has stuck to his convictions not to get further militarily re-involved in the region without a strategic and political plan that really makes sense (i.e., not current U.S. neo-con policies).

The Saudis and their few friends (those on the payroll that is) can’t even agree on and coordinate the message at their own conference among their own supporters!     It may just be that not only is the future of the Middle East region now in doubt, but so is the future of the central family regime which gave it’s name to Arabia in the last century.

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