14 11 2014

Americans for Peace Now

AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW (APN) has been a disaster for American Jews, misleading them for so many years and wasting so much time and effort and money doing very little other than what the Zionist handlers of the rich and purposefully naive liberal Jews who finance it want done.

If you are contributing and believing in APN the simple message is STOP NOW!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that APN is in reality a Zionist front-group masquerading as other things to whomever it can seduce.

It should also be noted that APN is a loyal member of the President’s Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, the enforcer umbrella that keeps Jewish organizations in line or ostracizes them, such as JVP and BDS groups.   APN goes along with the black-balling approach inviting only approved speakers and ostracizing all others whose voices and policies are far more important and far more dangerous to the Jewish establishment and Israel.   Same goes for J-Street, another sham organization created a few years jointly by the Democracy Party and former Mosad operatives at the time of Obama’s victory, that APN is also in bed with.