Corrupt Devilish Washington DC – Reflections at Thanksgiving Time

26 11 2014,_political_cartoon,_1885.jpgEven with all the corruption and incompetence Americans face from the governing class in Washington, most of us still have so much to be thankful for.    But in comparison to what our country should be, to what our potential has been, to what advantages we have had, we Americans have not done so well and out collective future is definitely now in decline.

Even with all the tragic and destructive things the U.S. does via its highly militarized foreign policy, there are many positive and thankful aspects to U.S. involvement with the whole world around us.   But when judged by what our policies should be, and what great harm we have brought to so many especially in the Middle East, we Americans also need to be not only ashamed but aware of the crimes our leaders have committed in our name.

This said, Happy Thanksgiving to all!