Saudi King’s SON – What a CRAZY idea!

29 11 2014

The super rich Saudis throw their money around almost as much as they buy their Western women and imprison and cut off the heads of those seeking to end the terribly repressive Monarchy.

Miteb bin Abdullah Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

But the notion, put forth by one of their prostituting lobbyists in The Washington Star earlier this month, that the Saudi King’s son,  Miteb bin Abdullah, should address a Joint Session of Congress is way off the scale of gross absurdities that the Saudi P.R. agents cash in on.   And yet the crazed narcissistic Saudi Royals keep going for and paying for it!


Even if the sitting King of Arabia, Abdullah, were to visit Washington he couldn’t be given the rare honor of addressing the Congress.    Not after 9/11, not after the secret chapter about his country that has never been published, not after all the Saudi beheadings and gross human rights violations at home, in Bahrain, and beyond.    That his son, on his now ended visit to Washington to be checked out by his American handlers, would do so was ludicrous from the start.  But you can bet a lot of money changed hands along the way,  just like a lot of girls were brought to his hotel suite.