WORLD WAR III – so far the Middle East aflame

5 12 2014

As a result primarily of US policies since and before 9/11 the Middle East region is in flames — millions already dead, millions more refugees lives destroyed.   The Hashemite King installed by the Brtis and maintained every since by the Americans said yesterday it is World War III — and in a sense he is right.   But III will not be like II and I, the great powers will not consciously destroy themselves but rather will fight extended brutal proxie wars while arming themselves with ever greater weapons attempting to deter full-scale WWIII.

Russia and China are arming faster than ever with new supersonic ballistic missiles, drone of their own as well as drone-killers, along with new space and cyber weapons.  The lesser powers — including Iran, North Korea, Pakistan — are arming faster with lesser weapons and strategies they think can at least deter full-scale attack on them.

The Israelis are in a unique position being super armed by the Americans but further threatening on their own as they continually push the U.S. to be even more aggressive and militant and prepare for Middle East armageddon.

The Neocons, their cousins the “liberal” interventionists, and the Israelis through their powerful lobbying groups and Mossad, are all together escalating the proxie wars as well as the greater confrontation strategies.

So yes, as a result of all this there is already now a contained WWIII.    Whether it can be “managed” below the threshhold of a full-scale world war destroying much of human civilization is no longer assured.