8 12 2014
Super rich and otherwise “liberal” American Jews are involved in quite a complicated historical and political, as well as financial, conspiracy.   Among the conspirators:

American For Peace Now
Haim Saban and Martin Indyk at Brookings
George Soros and associated organizations
Woodrow Wilson Center
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
The Obama Jewish Mafia in Chicago – Kovlers, Pritzers, Saltzmans, Klutznicks, Emmanuels, et. al.

All claim their goal is “peace” in the Middle East through bringing about the “Two-State Solution”.   But their real goals are:

1)  Maintain strong and overwhelming US financial, military, and political support for Israel.

2)  Isolate and undermine other American Jews who want to end this US support for Israel, or at least greatly qualify it, and who thus support such things as aid restrictions and BDS.

3)  Indoctrinate and keep under control Jewish youth through such organizations as Hillel and Birthright.

4)  Deceive family and friends, as well as themselves, into believing they are the “good Zionists” rather than Jews  complicitous in the occupation, the war crimes, the racism, the worse-than-apartheid that modern-day Israel has come to be.

As this larger conspiracy unfolds, what is now a subplot is to trick and/or trap the totally co-opted Palestinian VIPs known as the “Palestinian Authority” into some kind of Oslo II.  The goal here is to create some kind of false and deceptive “two-state solution” with a PA buy-in giving up critical historical Palestinian rights in return for a quisling, fractured, mini-statelet concoction of bantustans/reservations….with much money and VIP privileges for those in the PA.    And if Option A doesn’t come about one way or another at one time or another, then Option B is to blame the failure of achieving peace on the Palestinians and on the “right-wing bad Zionists” rather than themselves and their political cronies.

By throwing large sums of money into creating these organizations, some of which of course have non-Jewish persons involved but all of which are controlled by the senior wealthy Jewish patrons,  the uber-wealthy “liberal” Jewish Zionists intend to have their way, which also includes further fracturing the countries and peoples of the region up to and including regional war against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Brotherhood, while also getting everyone to fight the new boogeyman they’ve helped create, the Islamic State.

All  this is only an outline of the conspiracy from the “liberal” super wealthy Jews, most of whom are associated with and major funders of the Democratic Party.   There is also another associated Jewish conspiracy made up of the “conservatives” and the “Neocons”, themselves associated with the Republican Party — but that’s for another day.