11 12 2014

157207 600 Torture Report cartoons

The Senate CIA report that went public this week was but 10% of the full “top secret classified” report.  No doubt the CIA did far worse than we have been told so far.

Even the part of the report made public was “redacted” — censored and hidden — 7% further at the insistence of the CIA and White House.

The CIA has been a rogue secret army, coup-maker, assassination squad, killing machine on the loose for a very long time.   When he found out what the CIA was doing JFK promised to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces”!  And even some of those who have made their careers in the Agency believe a small supersecret elite within theCIA  was probably involved in killing him.

There are whistle-blowers, including highly decorated CIA veterans, who are in prison for leaking or even speaking about the secret torture and killing programs.    But not one CIA official or any of those who gave the orders for secret black-site prisons, sadistic torture, and sexual depravities, has ever been indicted not to mention sent to prison.



11 12 2014

157280 600 Moral Climate Change cartoons

Statements from former VP Cheney yesterday about the Senate CIA Report:

“A bunch of hooey!’

“What are we supposed to do, kiss him on both checks?”

“We had to catch the bastards!”

“We did exactly what needed to be done…and we were successful!”

Just look at the Middle East today with millions dead, millions more refugees, countries destroyed, the collapse of both Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of ISIS, the radicalization of Israel, the revolutions (Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, et. al.), $4 Trillion expended, and the U.S. itself more than ever a fearful, despised, hated, police-state, for Cheney’s definition of “success”.

Btw, it’s not such a stretch to suggest that Cheney was also the architect-in-chief of 9/11 — a far more complicated tale.