11 12 2014

157280 600 Moral Climate Change cartoons

Statements from former VP Cheney yesterday about the Senate CIA Report:

“A bunch of hooey!’

“What are we supposed to do, kiss him on both checks?”

“We had to catch the bastards!”

“We did exactly what needed to be done…and we were successful!”

Just look at the Middle East today with millions dead, millions more refugees, countries destroyed, the collapse of both Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of ISIS, the radicalization of Israel, the revolutions (Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, et. al.), $4 Trillion expended, and the U.S. itself more than ever a fearful, despised, hated, police-state, for Cheney’s definition of “success”.

Btw, it’s not such a stretch to suggest that Cheney was also the architect-in-chief of 9/11 — a far more complicated tale.