THE NEW REPUBLIC flees Washington…and Israel

12 12 2014

Marty Peretz, at the behest of Golda Meir, bought THE NEW REPUBLIC in 1974 with the primary goal of promoting and protecting Israel.   For decades, at a critical historical time for Israel and the Middle East, Peretz and his magazine did just that in intellectual,  neo-liberal, and media circles in Washington.  I still remember as a young journalist having just come to Washington Peretz calling, literally screaming about something I had written about US-Israel relations and abruptly cancelling an hour before a long-scheduled lunch.  I didn’t realize then that I was dealing with one of the original bigoted racist at times obsessively deranged Jewish Zionist neo-cons.

With his Israel mission accomplished and the brave new world of the internet + cable upon us, Peretz sold THE NEW REPUBLIC a few years ago.  But the magazine has continued to have a hard time escaping its Peretz/Israel past.   A new young internet generation has been trying to remake THE NEW REPUBLIC in today’s Washington…but has failed….partly because of this deep legacy left by Marty after he cashed in…or is it cashed out…and fled to Israel.

So now THE NEW REPUBLIC is picking up its chips, fleeing Washington, heading to New York, trying to recast its spirit as well as its image, cutting its print in half, and more likely than not going to fail/fall.

It’s not just the Peretz/Israel legacy; it’s the brave new world transforming everything away from print and making it increasingly difficult for such a publication to survive without a sugar daddy continually feeding his ego while draining his bank account.

While I’m at it…it should be mentioned that a decade ago a new Peretz-type came to Washington.  This time it was Haim Saban, who in effect bought the Brookings Institution at the behest of Ariel Sharon, to lobby on behalf of the Jewish State.   They’ve finally this year taken Saban’s name off the door at Brookings but the deed is done,  his man Indyk continually watches over everything, and the smell of big-Zionist money and control continues to stink up everything Brookings does, at least in so far as the Middle East and Israel.