20 12 2014

In real life the Americans are the world’s #1 assassins.   THE CIA and Pentagon have major assassination programs that have quite literally taken out thousands over many years in many places.  Think back to “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam days.  Think of the many plots to kill Castro, and they did get Che.   Many others are gone and forgotten.  In more recent times think of the Israeli/US stealth assassination of Arafat.

The latest Sony motion picture “comedy” plot to assassinate Kim of North Korea reminds me of the 1969 movie “The Chairman” starring Gregory Peck.   He was a scientist invited to “Red China” and his secret mission, of which even he did not know, was that the bomb implanted in his body would be detonated by the CIA when he was meeting with Mao!    And that movie was a drama, not a comedy!

Moreover American assassination plots are not limited to individuals, quite often countries, via regimes, are the target of mass assassination.   The assistant secretary of the U.N. resigned in 1996 saying U.S. policies, which the U.N. was cooperating with, were killing 5000 children monthly and the equivalent of “genocide” against the people of Iraq.   Think of the literally millions of people dead in proxy wars and coup attempts which can be traced back to the USA — most recently Ukraine and Syria on top of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Think of all the Drone killing assassinations.   Also think of the economic assassination plots the Americans specialize in, now underway in Iran and Russia, and attempted for 50 years with Cuba.

And always remember, what we know about these matters is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg!