Israel Defies World in Jerusalem

25 12 2014

Despite all the rhetoric from the PA in Ramallah and the forked-tongue Americans, the Israelis have relentless acted on the ground to take Jerusalem for Jews and make it off limits from the increasingly fractured and walled-in Palestinians.

Now on Christmas day, and with the PA meekly pushing once again at the United Nations, the Israelis have announced hundreds of more homes expanding their settlements which now control the whole expanded city of Jerusalem.

They do so in defiance of most of the world, except for Jewish  and Christian Evangelical Zionists.  But their determination to change the realities on the ground and made a real “Two-State Solution” impossible have in fact won the day so far and maybe forever.

The Jewish Jesus outsmarted the Jews of old and today there are nearly 2 billion Christians and just 16 million Jews.   How much longer the modern-day post-Holocaust “Jewish State” can defy the world is more and more doubtful.