CIA Attacks USA

27 12 2014

After the Snowden/Wikileaks disaster, and knowing the torture scandal was coming, the CIA launched an attack on Americans — their minds that is.

Coupling with the big money media, itself interwoven with the military-industrial complex, the CIA and Hollywood have teamed up big-time.   MADAME SECRETARY is now on CBS portraying a former CIA operative as Secretary of State with a sexy charming appeal for herself as well as her Georgetown Professor husband and cute kids.  STATE OF AFFAIRS is now on NBC portraying an attractive, smart, sexy, CIA woman who briefs the President daily, almost married her son, and has a background, as does Madame Secretary, in “interrogation enhanced techniques” (i.e., torture).

Not only very attractive characters that scream out “hey, can I join the CIA too”, but weekly plots and subplots that glorify The Agency, the State Department, the NSA, along with the military. special ops, and the White House.

Using TV, as well as the big-screen movies, to capture the minds and allegiance of Americans is nothing new.   But after 9/11 everything escalating…think “24” and “Homeland”.   And after Snowden/Wikileaks/Torture things have escalated even further…all with the goal of obscuring the seriously negative facts with very positive fiction.