PALESTINIANS fail again – Abbas caves in defeat

31 12 2014

Once again the Palestinian Abbas in Ramallah, actually kept “in power” by the U.S. and Israel but that’s a much more complex story, has caved.

Had he simply waited a few days there would have been new membership on the U.N. Security Council and the resolution for Palestinian Statehood would have passed with the required 9 or more votes, thus putting the Americans on the spot.

Instead Abbas purposefully let the U.S. off the hook forcing a vote yesterday that he knew would fail with only 8 votes.

Abbas is not only widely considered by his own people  a collaborator and a stooge, he is the man most responsible for leading the Palestinians into a long dark quagmire.  Abbas more than any other is responsible for decades of diplomatic foolery.   He should have been pushed out one way or another long ago, but the US and Israel have actually worked in tandem to keep him on the job despite much rhetoric and deceptions to the contrary.

Arafat was assassinated, and Abbas himself helped orchestrate the coverup, precisely so Abbas and his cabal of cronies in Ramallah could give the Israelis another decade to consolidate their hold over Jerusalem and everywhere fracture and dispossess the Palestinians further.

Now the deed is done.  And once again yesterday Abbas caved and was defeated in multiple ways.


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31 12 2014