Abbas wants to hang Netanyahu at ICC

4 01 2015

An image posted to the Fatah official Facebook page on January 3, 2015, showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next to a noose. (screen capture: Palestinian Media Watch/Facebook)

Abbas and his collaborating “Palestinian Authority” are so despised (beyond being feared) by so many Palestinians that he’s desperate to do anything to try to regain minimal credibility and to be able to finally call an election he has blocked for some 5 years already!

That’s what the theatrics at the U.N. and the ICC are all about…Abbas hoping to buy himself still more time as these U.N. efforts play themselves out.

Meanwhile Abbas and his corrupt cronies keep collecting more money  from the Arabs, the Europeans, and even the Americans, while continuing to use their VIP status to do their galloping traveling global roadshow.

Long ago Abbas became an albatross burden for the Palestinian people.  But because of US, EU, and Israeli determination to keep him in place on the job he has remained, despite whatever rhetoric flourishes and diplomatic tricks he still manages in growing desperation.