7 01 2015

<b>Iyad</b> <b>Madani</b> (centre), secretary general of the 57-nation Organisation ...

Forget for the moment the economic war the Saudis are leading, backed by their American protectors, against Iran and Russia.

The Saudis are responsible for the counter-revolution that brought the military Junta to power in Egypt and ever growing death and repression.

Even worse they are responsible for the horrible Syrian civil war on top of their great repression at home in “the Kingdom” as well as in the Bahrain protectorate where the Americans home-base their naval fleet.

And just this week the Saudis sent their man Iyad Madani, now the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to Jerusalem cooperating for the first time quite publicly with the Israelis and dusting off their oh-so-disingenuous Tom Friedman-inspired “Saudi Peace Plan”.

Rather than Madani going to visit the millions of Syrian and Iraqi and Afghan refugees, Madani instead was smilingly cavorting with the corrupted and prostituted “Palestinian Authority” VIPs in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Did I say yet DAMN the SAUDIS?!