Iran and Israeli Nukes

9 01 2015

ISRAEL HAS them, many hundreds of them, in all shapes and forms, with multiple sophisticated delivery systems including US supplied airplanes and missiles and German supplied submarines.

IRAN DOES NOT have them and no matter what could not have but a few  even with limited delivery systems for a long time to come.

The Israelis refuse to join the NPT, refuse all forms of international inspection, and have used considerable subterfuge and deception.

The Irans long-ago joined the NPT, have allowed very extensive inspections by the IAEA, and though accused of so many things most of the allegations are not only unsubstantiated but highly politicized and disingenuous.

But Iran is being strangled by the US, threatened with hot war by Israel the US and the EU, while Israel is being stuffed further with the latest most sophisticated arms, including huge amounts of “pre-positioned” American weapons.