The Real Extremists are in Cairo and Riyadh

12 01 2015

The Saudi Regime in Arabia and the Junta Military Regime in Cairo are fighting a vicious counter-revolution against all who oppose them – liberals, democrats, journalists, NGOs, as well as Islamic Fundamentalists.   Aiding them in doing so are the great hypocrites, the Americans and Europeans, who preach freedom and democracy but practice repression, invasion, counter-revolution, torture, and techno-killing.

At the same time the French were gathering their supporters in Paris this weekend, the following, largely overlooked in the West,  took place this weekend  in Saudi Arabia and Egypt:

  • A young Saudi was whipped 50 times in a public square in the city of Jiddah, the first of what will be 20 such weekly rounds of lashes. That, along with 10 years in prison, is his sentence from the kingdom’s religious-based courts for insulting Islam, based on posts on his blog criticizing prominent clerics close to the monarchy.
  • An Egyptian court sentenced a student to three years in jail for announcing on Facebook that he is an atheist