MUSLIMS one way JEWS another

14 01 2015

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A French publication mocks Mohammed in ways terribly insulting to one of the world’s great religions, but this is championed — and rightly so from a Western point-of-view — as “free speech”.

Yet if someone questions the holocaust or says something deeply offensive to Israel, Zionism, or Jews he is branded a criminal anti-Semite and subject to arrest in Europe these days,

Or if something offensive is said on Facebook to the dictatorial government of Saudi Arabia, he is flogged and imprisoned,

Or if something said on Facebook is offensive to Junta Egypt, he too is arrested and tortured,

Or if something preached is threatening to imperial America, he too can expect defamation at least and drone killing if he’s sufficiently inspiring to others.

Welcome to the modern-day Crusades, largely inspired and carried out by “the West”. led by the United States, instigated by Israel, World Jewry, and Evangelical Christianity.

“The West” has a lot of rethinking to do when it comes to “free speech” for all as a universal value.