Bibi and French Jews Clash

15 01 2015

In a photograph of the capacity crowd in the synagogue sanctuary tweeted by foreign ministry spokesperson Ofir Gindelman, one can see only French flags, with not a single Israeli flag visible. This is a remarkable contrast with U.S. synagogues, where the pulpit is usually decorated with American and Israeli flags. But the piece de resistance came immediately after Netanyahu had finished delivering his speech, and had already turned his back on the crowd to leave. Before he could step down from the bimah, one of the Jewish leaders grabbed a microphone and launched into a spontaneous rendition of the French national anthem. Not Hatikvah, but the Marseillaise.  Within seconds the entire audience had joined in, singing loudly and emotionally.

This most interesting insight from the American Jewish publication The Forward insightfully reporting about the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to the great synagogue in Paris a few days ago where he told the  Jews who are citizens of France they should “come home to Israel”.