Saudi and Israel – closer than ever

16 01 2015

Following Israel’s lead the Saudis are walling themselves in against Iraq and the Islamic State.  The now-being-built super-high-tech barrier will stretch some 600 miles further dividing the exploding Arab world.

At the same time the Saudis are in a serious warm but not yet hot war with Iran, the Saudi King, again in coordination with Israel, urging the Americans to “cut off the head of the snake”.    Plus of course the economic warfare the Saudis are now leading designed to weaken Russia as well as Iran…all in close coordination with the Americans, Israel’s major ally in world affairs, who are now determined to bring down Putin or force him to cry uncle.

The Saudis have their troops in Bahrain, are spending tens of billions on new arms, and are urging the GCC countries which they dominate to do so as well.    And they are the main Arab party responsible for the horrible civil war in Syria, the quarter million killed, the millions of refugees created, and the escalating destabilization of Lebanon and maybe even Jordan.

The Saudis recently sent one of their long-time operatives, now head of the OIC, to Jerusalem and the collaborating PA, further coordinating with the Israelis.   And in coordination with Junta Egypt, which they finance, they are even considering letting Israelis attend the upcoming Arab League “Peace Process” meeting if they can coordinate a regional deal with the US and the Zionists.

In the U.S. the Saudis are escalating their propaganda operations, mostly in secret using their vast contacts in the military-industrial complex and big money sectors, but also their p.r. activities using such operatives as John Duke Anthony, former Ambassador Chas Freeman, and their long-sponsored publication Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Oh yes, the repression at home is escalating as well.  Simply for blogging they have imprisoned one of their own and are subjecting him to public flogging weekly; all in a desperate effort to frighten all Saudis from speaking up and criticizing “the Kingdom” in any forum.


And let’s not forget the other symbol the narcissistic Saudis are busy constructing — The Kingdom Tower — which will soon be the tallest building in the world by far!   Take that Qatar and Freedom Tower….Mine is Bigger than Yours!