OBAMA betrays basic values bowing to the SAUDIS

27 01 2015

Visiting Saudi Arabia under today’s circumstances betrays all that Barack Obama is supposed to stand for.   The Saudis are not only among the greatest of police states and human rights abusers in the world, they actively encouraged the counter-democracy coup in Egypt and the setting up of the Junta military regime there, have done something similar in Bahrain, and the list goes on.   Plus, more than anyone else, the Saudis instigated and financed the civil war in Syria and are working in tandem with the US Neocons and israelis to trigger U.S. attacks — economic, political, and military — on Iran.   Here’s what one brave sole manages to write anonymously in recent days from Saudi Arabia —  full txt at MiddleEast.org.

Today there are some 30,000 political detainees in Saudi Arabia. Many are in prison indefinitely without charge or trial. Some are secretly tortured and others publicly flogged. I cringe when the global community considers my country’s record comparable to the Islamic State’s, with our shared floggings and grotesque beheadings.