Obama tries to lead

2 02 2015


Obama has been such a disappointment and such a hypocrite in so many ways.   That said, on the extremely important issues of not igniting even wider war in both the Middle East and Europe, not letting the Israelis/Neocons/Saudis goad us into war with Iran, and trying to contain all the “terrorism” hyperbole, just think of what could have been without him, and what might yet be coming when he is gone.  This from Obama yesterday:

“What I do insist on is that we maintain a proper perspective and that we do not provide a victory to these terrorist networks by over-inflating their importance and suggesting in some fashion that they are an existential threat to the United States or the world order. You know, the truth of the matter is that they can do harm. But we have the capacity to control how we respond in ways that do not undercut what’s the — you know, what’s essence of who we are.”

But for those who also watched FOX News Sunday yesterday its evident that the war for U.S. policy is heating up and Obama’s ability to hold back the American, Israeli, and Saudi extremists may not prevail.   That will especially be the case if there is another 9/11, whether real or false-flag or super sensationalized.    And this is especially the danger with Obama and his party having squandered so much of his, and their, stature and credibility.