4 02 2015

“We are on the verge of war with Russia!”

“Both sides are mobilizing their Nuclear Weapons!”

“The War Party in the U.S. is on the March!”

 These quotes are from Professor Stephen Cohen, one of the leading American historians and political analysts, now Professor Emeritus at New York University and Princeton University, the two Universities where I did my graduate studies.    Indeed I took a course about Russia with Professor Cohen when I was getting my Masters degree at Princeton.

And yet, also as Professor Cohen points out, there is very little serious and informed debate about how the US has continually provoked and is risking war with Russia.   Rather, also this week, three leading think-tanks issued a major joint report essentially calling for the US and NATO to urgently send much greater war weapons to the Ukraine regime…that is to the coup putsch regime installed in Kiev by the US (CIA) and NATO earlier this year.

Cohen even went so far as to suggest we could find ourselves in 2015 in a Cuba Missile Crisis-like situation a la 1962!

Cohen further mused about what future historians would say about what is happening and how World War III started….that is “if there are any future historians”.