Advice to Bibi

10 02 2015

Dear Bibi,

Here’s some good advice for you at this critical time.  History and the election have thrown you a golden opportunity to  appear statesmanlike.  For the benefit of your country, try to look like the statesman you are not and don’t really aspire to be, but this time put the US-Israel connection ahead of your personal narcisistic temperament.   Simply “postpone” your address to the U.S. Congress at this time, doing so in a low key but dignified way.  You don’t even have to give a public reason, let the commentators have a field day, the more publicity the better as long as you play the statesman card this time!

Bibi!  You’ve got a special unusual chance here to twist this whole thing to your advantage — something you have in the past taken such pride in doing so many times in so many situations.  And if you do this  you can still give your rabble rousing speeches about Iran and terrorists at the AIPAC Conference  and hither and you — in person or by satellite — to wild applause.   Plus in this way you will be saving your Congress address until after your reelection when they won’t be able to deny you and you will take that podium for the third time as only Winston Churchill has done before you!

Now if I were a friend and supporter of Bibi I’d sit him down and with some passion forcefully give him this advice!

But since I actually loath his policies and attitudes (while grudgingly admiring his tactical political skills), I’m hoping he will totally disregard this advice, doggedly insist on giving his Joint Session of Congress speech in a few weeks, but as a result find his neocon-inspired gambit backfiring and his political fortunes stumbling.   The media might even portray the no-shows as “boycotting” and subliminally maybe give some further impetus to the BDS Movement!