HOPE for Palestine! PA about to COLLAPSE!

14 02 2015


Many will find this hard to comprehend, but those who seek the well-being and rights of the Palestinian people as a whole should be cheering.  If and when the collaborationist quisling US/Israel-sponsored regime of Palestinian VIPS and Masri tycoons is gone from Ramallah there should be firework celebrations not despair.  Ending the PA and reversing the terrible harm and divisions it has brought to the Palestinian people is a prerequisite now for the reassertion of Palestinian rights, dignity, and future real independence.

Today’s report that the Israeli Army is warning the Israeli government that Abbas and his “security cooperation” PA “could collapse at any moment” should be greeted by the rest of us with glee and “it’s about time!” sentiments.  The JP article about this is top at MiddleEast.Org today.

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