“Destructive of the fabric of the relationship”

25 02 2015

Referring to Israel, that’s the phrase just used publicly by the White House National Security Adviser on a major TV program about U-S Israeli relations these days.   Clearly it was not a mistake, it was very much by design and had to be green-lighted by POTUS himself.

And yet, practically at the same time, the U.S. has just sold Israel (well actually given in view of how the money is handled) a large number of the very latest stealth attack aircraft, each worth more than $100 million, and whose only purpose can be to provide Israel the military superiority to attack Iran or Syria or any other country in the region.

The current public confrontation between the Israelis and the Americans, Netanyahu and Obama, is one of the most dramatic and public ever.   But actually there have been many in the past and the Israelis always prevail.

The backdrop to all this is that the Americans are pulling out all stops to get Netanyahu defeated in the upcoming election.   The Israelis meanwhile are pulling out all stops to further weaken Obama, to out-maneuver him politically, to undermine any agreement with Iran, to get as much as they can from the Congress and the Pentagon, and to put someone even more compliant than Obama in the White House in 2016.

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