Bibi Reelects Himself with State of the World Address to U.S. Congress

3 03 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill, March 3, 2015.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron

He quite purposefully and quite dramatically entered and left the Joint Session of Congress this morning in the same way the American President does yearly to deliver his State of the Union Address.   But Bibi Netanyahu aroused more interest, more enthusiasm, and even more credibility than does President Obama.   And with today’s historic address — whatever one thinks of him personally or the policies he so passionately represents or his country — this morning in Washington Bibi Netanyahu got himself reelected Prime Minister of Israel.

In doing so he will be Israel’s longest serving PM.  And during his next term he is likely to address the Congress another time, making him the foreign leader who will have addressed the Congress more than any other… beating out none other than Winston Churchill.

Correction — Headline should read:   U.S. Congress combined with American Neocons, Conservatives, Evangelicals, AIPAC, and super rich Jews and media moguls, have all just combined to Reelect Bibi Netanyahu  Israeli Prime Minister.