Apple – Not Facebook – Champions PRIVACY as BASIC HUMAN RIGHT

5 03 2015

Apple: Tim Cook ติดโผ 100 ...

“None of us should accept that the government or a company or anybody should have access to all of our private information. This is a basic human right. We all have a right to privacy. We shouldn’t give it up. We shouldn’t give in to scare-mongering or to people who fundamentally don’t understand the details.”

Tim Cook’s commitment to privacy is real and Apple’s views on the subject stand in stark contrast to the position taken by Facebook and many other US tech giants.  Such true primacy commitments are also entirely at odds with the position adopted by the US, UK, China and many other governments around the world who insist they need ever-increasing monitoring powers to combat crime and terror, dismissing the concerns of Cook and so many of us.

Thank’s so much Tim Cook and Apple!   Keep it up!