US Congress Compared to German Nazi Reichstag!

8 03 2015

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Uri Avneri was a boy in Nazi Germany before making aliyah to Israel.  He fought in the 1948 war.  He was many times in the Israeli Knesset.  He is today one of Israel’s most senior commentators…even in a way a kind of elder statesman. Despite flaws he is a brilliant writer and political analyst.   So when Avneri compares his Prime Minister to Adolph Hitler and the American Congress to the Nazi Reichstag….OMG!

In addition Avneri points out regarding Netanyahu’s speech to the American Congress a few days ago:

Not a word about Palestine and the Palestinians. Not a word about peace, the two-state solution, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem. Not a word about apartheid, the occupation, the settlements. Not a word about Israel’s own nuclear capabilities. Not a word, of course, about the idea of a nuclear-weapon–free region, with mutual inspection. 

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