11 03 2015

“Nothing happens on Capitol Hill related to Israel unless and until Howard Kohr (AIPAC chief) wants it to happen. Nothing.”

So tweets a former Israel Lobby insider.  But what’s missing here is that nothing happens with AIPAC that doesn’t either start with or have the endorsement of Israel.    

The Israeli/Jewish Lobby long ago established itself as the exception to all the lobbying rules — especially the need for foreign registration and real financial disclosure — because of the wealth and power of key American Jews.  They have mastered not only the arts of intimidation and bribery, but of fear and career destruction as well.

Netanyahu’s recent slap-down-Obama speech to the Congress, followed by the recent threatening public letter “to the leaders of Iran” (cc Obama), all have the clear lineage not just of AIPAC but of those who control Israel…and that’s not just Bibi and the Likud, but his opponents in the Zionist Union as well.