Panic Time for Liberal Zionists

22 03 2015

The moral and political contradictions “liberal” American Jews face were on public display this weekend at the J Street 5th annual gathering in Washington.  Compared to AIPAC and CUFI that also hold their annual events at the Washington Convention Center, J Street is a kind of Zionist stepchild with far fewer numbers and impact.   Revisionist and Evangelical Zionism are now dominant — along with religious and settler Zionism.   J Street even held a plenary session — one of their best ever it should be noted — asking the question “Does Liberal Zionism Have A Future?”

A few years ago when J Street was launching I wrote a rather critical and revealing essay.   I’m putting it today as a Flashback at the top of MiddleEast.Org and

it does need updating.  Stay tuned!