Saudi Billions to Egypt Junta buys Mercenary Sunni Army

27 03 2015

The Saudis fomented the military take-over of Egypt and they as well fomented the civil war in Syria expecting to bring down the Assad regime.   And lets not forget their military intervention to save the regime in Bahrain and their tens of billions yearly used to buy arms and corrupt everyone they can from politicians to journalists.

Now, just as the Obama Administration and leading EU powers are beginning a rapproachment with Iran, the Saudis are fomenting a Sunni Alliance whose first task is a proxie war against Iran in Yemen.   It’s mind-boggling that even as the Saudis are  bombing Iranian-backed forces in Yemen, the U.S. is actually helping Iranian forces aligned with the Shia Baghdad regime by bombing Sunni anti-Iran forces in Tikrit!  Got that?

But what lies ahead is far worse, far more dangerous, and could even bring about WWIII.    The now formalized Sunni Alliance, already in bed with and infiltrated by the Israelis, will attempt to spark a hot war with Iran with the real aim of bringing down the regime in Tehran.    Once ignited, in the fog of war, it is likely the US and others would get dragged in against Iran, despite intentions.  That of course is precisely what the Israelis want to bring about!