Israel Joins Saudi and Egypt bombing Yemen and threatening Iran

28 03 2015

Whether the initial reports that the Israelis are flying their own marked planes along with Saudi and Egypt in attacking Yemen are true, the underlying realities are definitely real.    In a major new bid to hold onto control in the Middle East the Saudis and Egypt have created a new Sunni Army, one largely armed and informed with vital combat intelligence by the USA, and also with the Israelis as their partner.

Actually both the Saudis and Egypt have for some time been allied with the Israelis, and of course the Americans, in so many ways….despite public theatrics at time otherwise.   Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait — they are also very much involved with major U.S. military and CIA operations in all.

Even more ominous the rallying of military forces, sales to the Saudis of over $100 billion in arms, and new joint command structures further suggest this is all in preparation for the most major war in the region since World War I and Sykes-Picot.  The target is Iran and the goal is not only to bring down the regime in Tehran but also to bring down Assad in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, and to reassert control of the entire region in alliance with Israel as well as the U.S.