U.S. Guilty! 1.3 million killed since 9/11!

30 03 2015


This 1.3 million killed is a conservative estimate coming from an international organization of physicians this weekend.   Add to it more millions injured and many more millions made refugees.  That complete total well over 10 million!

Add to this how the Americans have literally destroyed countries, and used their allies to hang Saddam, anal-pipe-rape Qaddafi to death, poison Arafat to death…and the list goes on..

As a result the entire Middle East is now engulfed in multiple levels of civil war as well as a spreading regional conflagration pitting Sunni against Shia.

And add to all this the rise of the Islamic State, a kind of alternative radical Sunni army that has resulted from the American occupations complete with sadistic torturing on top of all the mass killing…mirroring the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah in the past also as counteractions to U.S. and Israeli policies.

There are multiple causes to all this mayhem of course, but overall the Americans, the world’s only “superpower’,  are primarily responsible for what has and is happening through the Middle East region.