OBAMA rushing more arms to Saudis, Egypt, Gulf GCC

8 04 2015

Obama is a kind of Jekyll and Hyde President when it comes to the Middle East…and beyond.

He talks one way to keep his constituency on board, though some have rebelled, but all-too-often he actually acts Neoconish.

He will leave office with troops, drones, contractors, CIA, all entangled more than ever in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The U.S. has quite literally destroyed those countries as coherent political entities and brought such immense death and suffering along the way..

His duplicitous policies, along with those of America’s key allies, have helped create horribly bloody civil wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and beyond, with Lebanon, Pakistan, and others on the brink.

He has totally failed with regard to Israel which has not only raced ahead with more settlements and racism but at the same time has been more super-armed more than ever by Obama even as it has increased its nukes to about 400 coupled with the most advanced land, sea, and air delivery systems.

And now the U.S. is rushing still more arms to Junta Egypt and Dictator Saudis as they build a regional army to keep their despicable regimes in power and everyone else fearful, cowering, imprisoned, or dead.