14 04 2015

Russia Lifts Ban on Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran

Quickly now the savvy Russia is  selling Iran their advanced anti-aircraft S-300 missiles.  Smart move.  Understandable move.  Important move.

For years the U.S. and Israel, along with Saudi Arabia then more behind-the-scenes, have pressured the Russians not to do so.  The reason is simple. The Iranians are everywhere surrounded by American military bases and aircraft carriers that can launch the most advanced attack aircraft, missiles, and drones against their country.  Add to that the continual Israel threats — and they are super-armed by the Americans as well.   The Iranians have seen what the Americans can and will do to unprotected countries – witness Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, and beyond.  And what Israel will do in Gaza and Lebanon and beyond.

Now, unless the Americans or Israelis have new capabilities to defeat the S-300s, Russia is stepping in with what may be a defensive game-changer.

The Americans are screaming at Russia for having such chutzpa!   But actually it should be the other way around.   It is the U.S. that not only has some 45 military bases throughout the region surrounding Iran.  It is the U.S. that has invaded and literally destroyed countries in recent history — genocidal death and destruction.   It is the U.S. that provides Israel with the world’s most advanced attack weapons, with somewhat lesser attack arms flowing from the US and Europe to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Arab client-regimes in the region.  It is the U.S. and Europe pocketing $100 billion+ in arms sales to the Middle East in recent years.

Meanwhile, the Russians are simply supplying a defensive weapons system that can protect Iran’s borders with a range of about 125-miles after years of restraint and with a cost of about $1 billion.   They’ve got the arms, they need the money, and they certainly do have the justification.