YEMEN – It’s another U.S. Middle East War

21 04 2015

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It’s called a “Saudi-led war” and the client-regime Arabs now have a kind of Army.  It’s not an Army to deal with the Israelis.  Rather it’s an army to keep their corrupt repressive dictatorship regimes in power — most especially the Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, as well as Egypt and Jordan.

But it’s really another American war in the Middle East in the Obama era.  The arms are Americans, the training is American, the airplanes and bombs are American, the targets are American-selected, the naval armada is American, the regional Armies are in effect U.S. proxy and mercenary forces.   Just about everything in fact is American except for the nationality of the pilots and in this particular case much of the money which comes from the Saudis and GCC countries.

Furthermore, once again the U.S. is using all of its propaganda capablities, as well as its clout and spymanship at the U.N., to gets its way and hoodwink many.   Despite differences in style and tactics and priorities, it is the US along with its two top strategic allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, that is now bombing and destroying another country, Yemen this time,after imposing such a fate on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and beyond.   Don’t just think this year or last, think the last few decades and then think back further a hundred years to the beginning of the “modern-era” in the Middle East, the Peace to End All Peace in Paris in 1919 and a few years before that Sykes -Picot.