Tell the Saudis, NO, NO, and NO!

12 05 2015

The Saudis Royals are such super narcissists!   Now, at the last minute, after repeated assurances to Obama otherwise even just hours before, the Saudi King has super-snubbed the American President.   He and his fellow kings/dictators from the Gulf aren’t coming to Washington and Camp David after all.  It’s their way of trying to get the U.S. to provide them even more arms, more CIA ‘assistance’, and a more formalized “alliance”.

The alliance, mind you, is phrased to be because of Iran and “external” threats, but in reality it is against the Saudi people who yearn to cast off their Royal oppressors, just as the Iranians did when they rose up against the American-installed and backed Shah.

The response from the U.S. should be NO, NO, and NO!    But instead the Americans are actually saying Yes, Yes, and Yes to nearly everything while Obama keeps playing his games of pretending otherwise.   And the Americans are being further cornered so that the Yes, Yes, and Yes answers will be locked in and expanded, rather than reversed, in the years ahead.

Meanwhile the Neocons and Israelis are actually loving it, despite their high-pitched squealing.  They know that the more super arms sold to the Arab Royals the more enhanced super arms they get from the Americans.  They know that the political deals Obama is crafting are not likely to hold, that the region is fracturing and exploding worse than ever, and that the great 21st century war for continuing domination and control of the Middle East Region is still expanding.  This is the case in fact precisely because,despite everything, they actually got Obama to provide more arms to both Israel and the Arab dictators than any previous American President.  This despite Obama’s supposed restraint and Nobel Peace Prize.