17 05 2015

It’s a war that must never come to be!  But even so look at history and remember what has happened that should not have been!

New U.S. threats to fly war planes and sail war ships in ways that could provoke China could turn the South China Sea into a “power keg” Chinese officials warned this weekend.

Referring to the U.S., China’s state-controlled GLOBAL TIMES editorialized last Thursday, with the American Secretary of State in the country to meet the Chinese Foreign Minister and President:

“It should keep in mind that China is a major power with nuclear weapons, and there is no way that U.S. forces can take reckless actions in the South China Sea…   Besides, the long-term chaos will eventually deprive the U.S. of the patronage to other countries in the region, which will only be victimized by the war.”


The Americans have “pivoted” to the Pacific surrounding China with expanding and new military bases from Japan to Korea to the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and beyond.  It is, however thinly veiled, a policy of military containment and threat.

Add to this the rush to expand America’s strategic forces, create a one-hour rapid strike global capability, and major efforts to militarize space as well as cyber-space.  Plus the Americans are undertaking a unprecedented modernization of their nuclear weapons that in the decades ahead will cost a Trillion+.   On top of this NATO is being greatly strengthened and the U.S. seems determined to maintain its hundreds of military bases throughout the world…with emphasize now on Pacific Asia as well as the Middle East.

But it will not work with China and is only leading, some would say forcing, Beijing into a now escalating cycle of fear, apprehension, and military preparations predicated on concepts of deterrence and counter-measures.

Indeed the Chinese are quite understandably responding.  After decades of restraint they are now racing ahead to expand and strengthen their nuclear weapons capabilities, building up their naval forces, and rushing to develop new weapons designed for space and cyber combat.   The Americans claim – though falsely as is their penchant — it is they who are responding, not provoking, and thus the cycle is getting all the more serious.