China and the U.S – Frendemies

20 05 2015

The Internet is the most important front in China’s ideological battle against “Western anti-China forces”, the country’s military newspaper said on Wednesday, adding that online controls were essential to the government’s survival.    Calls to reject Western thought and values have grown stronger under President Xi Jinping, who has urged more “ideological guidance” at universities and the study of Marxism.

This is how a Reuters article today, dateline Beijing, begins.   It’s at as are most things I refer to in my writings.    A non-shooting war with various economic, political, ideological, monetary, covert, and media dimensions is already well-underway.  Add to this the escalating military bulld-up by both parties, primarily provoked by the U.S. it needs to be said.  Add to this the public and no doubt even more private warnings and threats that are themselves increasing.   And as a result we have today, and will have even more in the future it appears, a dangerous combustible situation prone to being ignited by accident or miscalculation even if not by conscious decision.